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Mom's House

A choice for life, not a choice for poverty.

Mom’s House Toledo is a 5-star childcare center available to help low-income, single moms graduate from high school, technical school, and college. With intervention and support, we will help you set and attain lifetime educational goals, and break the cycle of poverty for you and your children.

Moms In Need

You may qualify for Mom’s House if you are a single woman who is currently enrolled in school full-time and the parent to a child who is 5 years of age or younger.

Mom's House Program

Mom’s House is a faith-based organization that strives to positively influence the lives of two generations through education for parent and child.

Donors & Volunteers

Your support helps us to invest in the future of women and their children so they can build strong families and, in turn, a stronger community.

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of 168 eligible clients

pursue post-secondary education

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of 310 eligible clients

achieve kindergarten readiness

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of 284 eligible clients

graduate from school

Cycle of Poverty

A young woman is living in a cycle of poverty due to the circumstances of her birth.

Catalyst for Change

She has a baby and, rather than seeing motherhood as an obstacle, she is motivated to create a better life for herself and her child.

Mom's House

She walks through the doors at Mom’s House and is immediately welcomed by a caring, supportive staff ready to guide her on her journey to self-sufficiency.

Progress Towards Independence

Mom and child’s basic needs are met and, through Mom’s House programming, she learns tools to overcome adversity.

Empowered Moms

Now, more confident than ever, she is ready to change the narrative for her and her child’s life.

Sustained Broken Cycles

Her decision to break the cycle will positively affect her and her family for generations to come. She has rewritten her future.

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