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Our Model

Mom’s House is a faith-based organization that strives to positively influence the lives of two generations through education for both parent and child. We believe that all life has value and every child and parent deserves to be loved, protected and nurtured for who they are and who they can become, regardless of their circumstance.

Read on to learn more about the core tenets of Mom’s House and the programs that make transformational change possible.

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Our Core Tenets


• Address mother and child’s immediate basic needs
• Remove foundational barriers to success
• Provide early childhood education
• Address legal issues (Sisters-in-Law Program)
• Crisis management
• Assess housing needs

Educational & Career Excellence

• Earn high school diploma or GED
• Complete career relevant post secondary education
• Provide access to educational resources
• Secure workforce Readiness skills
• Enter a promising career pathway with earning potential

Individual Wellness

• Require life skill service hours
• Guide personal development and emotional stability skills
• Learn and practice goal setting
• Connect to licensed counseling
• Offer spiritual foundations
• Support involved fathers (DADS Matter program)

Financial Literacy

• Gain skills in basics of financial literacy
• Set realistic financial goals
• Increase access to banking and financial institutions
• Build knowledge in economic independence
• Acquire knowledge towards the home ownership process

Family Wellness

• Provide parent education classes
• Provide co-parenting coaching
• Establish a family doctor or pediatrician

Sustainable Living

• Maintain ability to support self and child through career
• Achieve economic independence
• Embrace and embody responsible parenting
• Sustain broken cycles
• Intentional and purposeful living

Our Programs

Early Childhood Education Program

Every child deserves a loving, nurturing and non-discriminatory environment.

Our developmentally appropriate, play-based child care curriculum prepares all children, including those with special needs, for the challenges ahead.

This is achieved through the use of low teacher-to-child ratios, continually educated staff, and special attention to each individual child.

Mom’s House is a state-licensed, 5-Star Step Up To Quality childcare center.

Family Wellness Program

Our family-oriented environment helps build support for the young parents we serve and in turn builds confidence and the self-esteem that many young people are lacking.

We strive to give our clients the tools they need to succeed, become productive members of society, and break the cycles of poverty and welfare.

Parent Education Program

The growth and development of each family is fostered through education, counseling, mentoring, parent education classes, and tutoring.

The physical, spiritual and social needs of each parent and child are met, and our clients have the unique opportunity to become part of a community where they are supported and loved.

Sisters-in-Law Program

Sisters-in-Law is a group of female lawyers working toward the continued improvement of the lives of the moms and children at Mom’s House.

They provide pro bono legal services as well as mentoring, life and career coaching to these young women.

Meetings are held quarterly at Mom’s House.

DADS Matter Program

DADS Matter stands for Dedicated Accountable Determined & Strong.

The need for a father in the life of a child is critical. This program aims to engage and empower young men in the lives of their children through consistent and positive contact. We hope to help fathers set priorities and develop effective parenting skills.

During meetings, we emphasize the important role of fathers in supporting a child’s physical, emotional, and behavioral needs; the benefits of a positive relationship; and the risks of failing to fulfill responsibilities.