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Mom’s House strives to break the cycles of poverty and welfare. It is our mission to guide at-risk single parents through the process of achieving educational goals and provide tools and resources needed to become effective parents.

Our Team

    Christina Rodriguez

    Executive Director

      Julie Haas

      Program Director

      Annika Awls

      Finance Coordinator

      Kristen Lennex

      Donor Relations Coordinator

      Derayna Webb

      Wellness Coordinator

      Ms. Kim


      Ms. Lilli


      Ms. Cindy


      Ms. Emily


      Ms. Alicia


      Our Board

      Mike Kruse


      I believe that human life is sacred. My involvement with Mom’s House gives me the opportunity to serve our mothers and children in practical ways, assisting each of them in achieving the full potential in life that God has intended for them.

      Bill Sheehan


      I find the mission of Mom’s House to be a refreshing and enlightened response to a community problem and a moral dilemma that enriches and empowers the our most vulnerable.

      Darren Garvin


      I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with an organization that has such strong roots in helping improve lives in our community. I hope to help expand our footprint and increase the number of families we can impact in the Toledo community.

      Brian Zientek

      Board Member

      I am totally committed to the mission of Mom’s House “breaking the cycle of poverty and welfare,” as it aligns completely with my personal and spiritual beliefs.

      Crystal Jordan

      Board Member

      I’m passionate about my role on the Mom’s House board because of the comprehensive, life-changing programming offered to mothers and children in need. I see glimpses of younger self in the families we serve, which motivates me to give more as a board member to help them advance forward.

      Jessica Miller

      Board Member

      The Mom’s House mission is vital. But the drive and dedication of the leadership, staff and program participants is contagious. They LIVE and WORK the mission every single day.

      Deb Ciecka

      Board Member

      As an early childhood educator, I know how important our efforts are to the families in our program – especially the children. The first five years of a child’s life can have a lasting impact on later success.

      Amanda Graven

      Board Member

      I’m inspired by the work we do and the families in our program – especially the kids! Everyone deserves a chance to finish school, find success, and set a good example for their children.